103 Pieces Solar Lights to Cameroon (2018-12-11)

With the coming of the first snow in Jiangsu area, ISOLAR workers braved the cold weather to load the container on last Saturday. Over 100 pieces of solar street light were ready for shipping toCamero…

100 Pieces Lights in Philippines (2018-12-03)

ISOLAR solar street lights lit up in the Philippines. Following the instruction of our engineers, 100 pieces of solar lights have been installed successfully. Local residents praise the light for its …

Lighting Performance Feedback (2018-11-13)

A new batch of lights has been installed in the Philippines. The customer is quite satisfied with the lighting effect. Here are two pictures for the light of both day and night.

Quality Control for Every Order (2018-11-05)

A new batch of products is being examined for quality in ISOLAR workshop. Quality control is a surefire way to minimize downtime and operate as efficiently as possible. Besides, it also ensures our pr…

Japanese Customers Visiting ISOLAR Factory (2018-10-22)

It is an honor to welcome new Japanese customers to visit our factory. Justin li, ISOLAR sales director, gave them a detailed introduction of each production process and answered their questions one b…

Syria Project Feedback (2018-10-15)

Syria customers send us great project photos for feedback. We are very honored to provide high-quality products and hope to establish long-term and stable cooperation with our customers.

2018 Nigeria Exhibition (2018-10-11)

The Nigeria exhibition has been successfully finished and ISOLAR really makes a good job in it. Thank you very much for everyone coming to our booth. We fully displayed our own strengths and contacted…

Bangladesh Order from ISOLAR Loyal Customer (2018-08-13)

Our loyal customer has ordered another 900 sets of new all in two solar street light. In such hot summer, the factory works day and night to rush the production. We always put customers first, to bett…

the Philippines Manila Order (2018-08-09)

90 sets of solar street light and 130 lighting poles are being shipped to the Philippines in containers. Our regular customer gives ahigh evaluation of ISOLAR’s high-quality service and reasonable pri…

New Project in France (2018-06-02)

The latest project in France has been completed eventually. The French customer gives a high evaluation of our products and sends lots of great pictures to us. ISOLAR is always adhering to customer ne…

2018 Indonesia exhibition (2018-05-07)

It is an honor for ISOLAR to attend the 2018 Indonesia exhibition for the first time. Justin Lee, the ISOLAR manager, was taking pictures with the local partners and being interviewed on local TV. We …

African Customer Visiting ISOLAR Factory (2018-04-24)

African customer came to ISOLAR Factory last week. Dianne, one of our French sales, accompanied him visiting our three main manufacturing plants. The customer spoke highly of our products and expected…

Learning Never Stops: ISOLAR Sales Study Knowledge of Light (2018-04-16)

To better serve our customers, all sales are educated on the knowledge of light. ISOLAR invited domestic well-known experts in the related field togiveall salesaprofessionaltraining. In the meeting, a…

Customers from Sri Lanka visiting our factory (2018-04-09)

Sri Lanka customers came to visit our factory last week. They are very satisfied with our previous products and looking forward to having in-depth cooperation in the long term.

Kuwait Project (2018-04-02)

Kuwait customer is very satisfied with our products and looking forward to the next cooperation.

ISOLAR Group Travel to Bali (2018-03-28)

After a year of hard work, ISOLAR Group creates a very good performance, sales across the world. ISOLAR Group all members went to Bali Island for one week’s trip.

Dubai Exhibition: Middle East Electricity 2018 (2018-03-12)

ISOLAR makes full preparation for the 2018 Middle East Electricity Exhibition. New products catalogs and delicate USB drives with detailed product information are sent to every customer who visit our …

ISOLAR IN MEXICO (2018-03-06)

Mexico customer is very satisfied with our 40W all in two solar lamps. After the attendance of Mexico Exhibition in last year, more and more South American customers know our products and give us lots…

IDCOL Renewable Energy Exhibition in Dhaka (2017-11-23)

ISOLAR made great success in IDCOL renewable energy exhibition, Dhaka, Bangladesh. In the meantime, it was our pleasure meeting Bangladeshi advisor of The Prime Minister who visiting ISOLAR boo…

Hong Kong International Light Expo 2017 (2017-10-30)

ISOLAR attended the 2017 HK International Outdoor and Tech Light Expo between the October 26th and the October 29th. This exhibition provides us a face-to-face opportunity with our customers and makes…

450 Sets for New UN Project Order (2017-09-14)

A New customer has ordered 450 sets of solar street lights for their UN project. Yesterday, all containers have been loaded and be delivered to the port in time.

30 Days For the Preparation and Delivery of 1600 Sets Solar Street Light (2017-08-30)

ISOLAR received a large order with over 1600 sets from our African customer. With all colleagues hard work day and night, the loading of all 16 containers has been made successfully, and on the way to…

Hybrid Solar Street Lights for a UN Project in Africa (2017-07-17)

Our customer has placed an order for over 500 sets of hybrid solar street lights with super long lighting pole for a UN project in Africa recently. All products have been loaded in 3 days and will be …

Lighting Poles To South Africa (2017-04-21)

Higher lighting poles are not that easy to be loaded, after a brain storm they are finally loaded, for high mast light, we will solve out by automatic loading system.

120 Sets of All In One Solar Street Light Has Been Loaded (2017-04-18)

Our new product all in one solar street light has been popular aroud the world. Today, 120 seys of all in one solar street light has been loaded and will be delivered to the Middle East. These all in one sloar street light will be put in the park. We hope our …

LED Solar Street Light (2017-04-01)

With the great efforts of our workers,200 sets of LED solar street light was shipped last night. These LED solar street light will be delivered to foreign countries today. We hope our solar street lights will be delivered all over the world.

ISOLAR will cooperate with Sri Lanka Government on solar street light projects (2017-04-11)

​July 9, 2014, The vice General Manager of ISOLAR, Mr Jiabao Zhang got cordially Received by First Lady of Sri Lanka, Shiranthi Rajapaksa at In Sri Lanka Embassy in Beijing.

Solar Street Light to Affrica (2017-03-28)

Container finished loading, tomorrow continue, .... loading is not simple work, thanks all. We manufacture all solar lighting products,including solar street light,high mast light,all in one solar str…

Customer from Africa is visiting our factory. (2017-04-15)

Customer from Africa is visiting our factory.

Middle East Electricity 2017 (2017-03-29)

Middle East Electricity 2017 For Solar Lighting Products is under progress,ISOLAR is located in the boothH1A14,welcome more friends to visit our booth,we hope that the exchange communication can provi…

Solar Power Systems in Zambia (2017-03-10)

Solar Power Systems in ZambiaRecently, our solar power systems has lunched in Zambia and attracted many local customers.Zambia is an inland country located in the middle-south of Africa. It belongs to…

Middle East Electricity 2017 For Solar Lighting Products (2017-02-07)

MiddleEastElectricity Exhibition will started on Feb 14th inDubai World Trade Center.As a solar street light manufacturer,ISOLAR will go to attend this exhibition.Our main products are solar street,li…

The Electronics Factory is Busy with Manufacturing Batteries (2017-01-12)

During these days, we have received a lot of orders all over the world. The electronics factory is busy with manufacturing batteries to delivery on time.

Isolar solar street light will be showed on Thailand LED Expo 2016 (2016-04-19)

​Thailand LED Expo 2016 will start on April 19 and end up on April 22. ISOLAR Solar Group is located in the exhibition booth L13. The main exhibition products are solar street light, solar park light, lithium battery solar street light, all in one solar street…

Inviting you to visit our booth 1B16 in the world s leading Energy Exhibition DUBAI from 1st to the 3rd of march 2016 (2016-01-15)

Inviting you to visit our booth 1B16 in the world s leading Energy Exhibition DUBAI from 1st to the 3rd of march 2016

ISOLAR solar street lights will be showed on the 18th Guangzhou International Lighting Fair (2015-10-27)

The 18th Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition 2013 June 9 to 12 at the China Import and Export Fair Pazhou Complex. Kaiyuan is located in the exhibition booth E42, Hall 4.2, the main exhibition…

solar street light will light up the new China (2015-10-27)

After the party's 18, "China Dream" is officially entered the official vocabulary and quickly became popular. In fact, the "China Dream" a profound reflection of the calendar development context, depicts passionate people, their lives,…

ISOLAR completed the 1200 sets solar street lights project in Niger (2015-10-27)

Recently, ISOLAR LED Light signed a solar street lights contract with the government in the capital Niamey, Niger (Niamey). This is the third time with the government of Niger to achieve cooperation projects.

ISOLAR solar street lights will be showed on the 18th Guangzhou International Lighting Fair (2015-10-27)

The 18th Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition 2013 June 9 to 12 at the China Import and Export Fair Pazhou Complex. ISOLAR is located in the exhibition booth E42, Hall 4.2

ISOLAR completed the 450 sets solar street lights in Laos (2015-10-27)

ISOLAR successfully finished the solar street lighting project which is authorized by a new army belonging to ministry of national defense, Lao Peoples' Democratic Republic.

ISOLAR at the 18th Guangzhou International Lighting Fair (2015-10-27)

​In the June 9 to 12 held the 18th Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition, the company developed solar lights, solar large-scale systems of small systems, solar water pumps as well as new product research and development of solar home systems


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